Business operations topic aren’t boring with the right speaker!

If you’re searching for a speaker to offer information that is provided in an informative, relatable format, then you’ve landed in the right location.

Diana Dibble is a speaker who has a diverse background speaking on topics such as leadership, pivoting a business, the essential pillars of a business, starting and growing a business, business operations, organizational and time management, work-life balance, to name a few. Diana is well known for her amazing sense of humor, and she uses storytelling in her presentations to make what are normally dry topics into a enjoyable experience.

Diana is also a motivational speaker. She shares her story about her journey from a reluctant to serial entrepreneur, resiliency through challenging times, as well as her story of running a multi-million-dollar business while navigating life with a chronic illness.

Diana’s audiences

Since 1998, Diana has spoken to a variety of audiences including businesses, associations, and non-profits. She also speaks at government agency events, and to high school and college students.

Diana is a frequent guest on panels, webinars, conferences, and business events. She speaks to groups of all sizes from small events with less than 20 people, to large virtual groups with national and international participants. She can speak in variety of formats and platforms including in-person and virtual events, podcasts, and livestreaming on internal company broadcasts.

The format doesn’t matter. Her goal is to engage with the audience.

She is an excellent speaker, and she has extensive industry and business knowledge and expertise, which allows her to excel at the Q&A portion of her speaking engagements.

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Customized Topics

Diana can develop a customized talk that is tailored to your organization’s and/or employees’ needs, or one that is targeted to your audience or a specific topic of interest. This requires setting up a call to get more information. Click here to go to our contact page and complete the form. Please include as many details as possible.

Ready-To-Go Topics

If you are an event planner, Diana speaks on the topics below, which may interest your audience.

Why Focusing Solely on Revenue May Be Killing Your Company

Business owners understand the importance of revenue and sales in growing their business. It’s fun to watch your business thrive. What about your company’s infrastructure?

The “hey, we’re growing, so we’ll focus on that boring operational stuff later”. It can be put off for only so long before you’re forced to face it.

It usually happens in the form of an expensive, disruptive “oh sh*t” moment. It could be:

  • Scaling up to deliver on a new contract
  • Needing money to expand or make payroll
  • Being sued by a former employee or customer
  • Getting a letter from a government agency, etc.

It doesn’t have to be bad news, but it usually is unexpected.

In this talk, Diana makes the often-tedious topic of business operations accessible and fun. Her in-the-trenches expertise will help you understand the infrastructure; essentials that will keep you in business for the long haul.

Planning for the “What if”™: Move Faster, Hire Better, Grow Smarter

From simple challenges that come with growth to heart-stopping crises, the “what ifs” are endless. What if…

  • You win a big contract or lose a big customer?
  • You expand to another state and/or hire employees?
  • Your employees want to work remotely?
  • You’re sued by a current or former employee or customer?
  • You have a medical crisis?

In this talk, Diana shares her in-the-trenches operational expertise to mitigate the potential impacts of the “what ifs” that come with running a business.

Conferences, Interviews, and Podcasts

We’ve included links to some of the podcasts, interviews, and conferences where Diana where has spoken, been interviewed, or participated on a panel. This is by no means an inclusive list as some events are private and do not allow for the publication of recordings.

Podcasts and Interviews

Diana Dibble Talks Brain Tumors, Hope, and Humor | Warrior Stories Ep. 10

Diana was a guest on the Warrior Stories podcast. In this podcast, she talks about her story and dives deep into how her diagnosis of two brain tumors changed her life and how she wants to use her voice to spread awareness, to fundraise, and to end the stigma facing entrepreneurs with chronic illness. This much longer podcast is truly motivation and really shows how Diana uses her upbeat attitude and humor on her journey. She also gives insight on the founding of Tripod Coaching & Consulting LLC and her plans for the future.

The teaser is below. The podcast is available at

Starting a business after an unexpected diagnosis | Spared Change Podcast

Diana was a guest on the Spared Change podcast. In this podcast, she talks how her diagnosis of two brain tumors changed her life, her advice to patients, caregivers, and business owners, and also how this was the catalyst that led her to start finally Tripod Coaching & Consulting LLC. She shares her story with frankness and also her signature sense of humor.

About the Podcast
When life gets tough, do you think to yourself, “Self, I’m being spared by this season of change?” Chances are you don’t see the benefits while you’re going through the trial. Most people go through life resisting change, but if we can flip the script and ask questions like, “How is this season benefiting me or what lessons am I learning,” you can cultivate a newness like never before. Join me, your host, Angela Garmon, of Spared Change Podcast as we dive into conversations about the intense seasons of change that life can bring. #sparedchange

The Eventful Life TV #LivinOutLoud: Perseverance, Planning and Productivity with Diana Dibble

Diana first met Jon’ll Boyd when she spoke on a panel sponsored by AARP at Jon’ll’s 2020 Planners Suite Conference. Jon’ll invited Diana to join her to talk about the 3Ps. Diana shares stories about how she got started as an entrepreneur; how she persevered through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship ultimately growing one business to $10 million per year; imparts her business advice for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small businesses; and provides the tips and tools she uses to concurrently run multiple businesses.

25th Hour Podcast Episode 40: Play to your strengths with Lisa Mallis and Diana Dibble

Diana was a guest on Impactive Strategies Podcast where they talk about time management, productivity, and organizational tips and hacks to help create what Lisa calls the 25th hour.

Remote Employee Strategies with Diana Dibble

The Three B’s On The Law take a different approach to talking about laws and legal challenges facing business owners. Diana was invited by Three B’s to join them on their podcast to discuss remote employee strategies, and maintaining your employee handbook.

Organization Tips for Business Owners

Diana was invited back to join the Three B’s to talk about organization tips to help business owners and employees stay organized. Diana talks about areas such as creating focus time, how to sort email into folders, creating a general mailbox for HR, using Teams from internal communications and productivity, and the tools that can make business life more manageable.

Conversations about the new normal

Paula D’Amico interviewed To Make a Long Story Short podcast. Diana for her podcast. Paula is the owner of Blessings By Nature®, TV producer, and author. Paula approached Diana for a follow-up to their initial conversation. In this podcast they talk about navigating an essential business and life during the “new normal” created by the pandemic. While it’s a serious topic, there is a lot of laughter and examples of things the listener can do and use.

To Make a Long Story Short: Diana’s Story

Paula D’Amico interviewed Diana for her To Make a Long Story Short podcast. Diana tells the story of her career and how she went from a dancer to a successful business owner.


NAWBO Greater DC 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year Top 3 Finalist Panel

Diana was honored to be on the Meet the Finalists panel held in McLean, VA on March 28, 2023. There wasn’t a formal event recording. There are some audience recordings that are being edited for audio clarity. Excerpts will be posted as soon as they are available.

NAWBO 2023 Leadership Academy

The National Association of Women Business Owners’ (NAWBO) Winter 2023 Leadership Academy took place on February 6-7 2023 in Long Beach, CA.

As one of the NAWBO 2022 Woman Business Owner (WBO) of the Year Top 3 finalists, Diana participated on the WBO Top 10 finalists’ panel on Tuesday February 7, 2023. Diana spoke about the type of leader she is, challenges she has faced, and lessons learned, as well as answered attendee questions on various business topics.

Information about the event is available here: NAWBO Leadership Academy – Winter 2023.

NAWBO 2022 Woman Business Owner of the Year Top 3 Finalist Panel

Diana was honored at the 2022 NAWBO Women’s Business Conference held in Louisville, KY on October 11, 2022 as one of the top 3 finalists for the NAWBO 2022 Woman Business Owner of the Year award. Prior to the awardee being announced, Diana participated on a panel with the other two finalists. There is a recording is the entire panel presentation. Excerpts will be posted as soon as they are available.

Speaking Engagement & Webinars

Tyson’s Regional Chamber of Commerce TIPS

Diana was invited to be a guest speaker for the Tyson’s Regional Chamber of Commerce TIPS group. She presented her “Why Focusing Solely on Revenue May Be Killing Your Company” webinar to the group and then had a Q&A conversation with the attendees. Participants were small business members and guests representing diverse industries and various levels of business maturity.

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

Diana is a frequent NFTE speaker. She is invited speak on a variety of business and entrepreneurship topics to participants who are in a variety of NFTE  regional, national and international locations.

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