Streamline Tax Season: Use these 3 QuickBooks Tools for Your Small Businesses

Have you started your business taxes yet? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Not to state the obvious, but the clock is ticking. And that clock is adding to your stress! You need to streamline...

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FinCEN’s BOI Reporting Requirement: Destress the Process

FinCEN’s BOI Reporting requirements start January 1, 2024. Is your company ready? If not, non-compliance can be costly with a per day penalty.

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New USCIS Form I-9

Do you have employees? Do you file I-9 forms for them? Did you know that you are required to file them? Did you know that a new I-9 was released effective 11/01/2023? If you have...

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Navigating a federal government shutdown

It’s September 28, 2023 so we don’t know what will happen in the next two days. Federal government shutdowns are commonplace to the point that it’s almost a given that it will happen, even if...

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Time’s Ticking: Supercharge Your Business with Year End Tax Planning

It’s not too late to start 2023 tax planning for your business, but time is running out. Don’t let the fear of doing the taxes hold you back—embrace the opportunity to optimize profits and ensure...

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Strengthening workplace relationships should be a priority

Working remotely or in a hybrid model has its benefits and challenges. What these are may depend on who you ask. While the benefits may be positive for some businesses and individuals, there are employees...

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