Who is Tripod Coaching & Consulting LLC?

Our company is the brainchild of our CEO and founder, Diana Dibble. and it was founded from her passion for business operations. Diana has been speaking to and consulting for businesses since 1997. She has worked in numerous industries and consulted for business ranging from pre-startups to multi-million dollar/multi-national firms.

Throughout her career, a consistent theme became evident from speaking and working with entrepreneurs and businesses, especially when she worked with companies on their federal government certifications. Businesses may be successful from a revenue standpoint, but most companies did not have strong business operations policies, processes and procedures.

Diana started speaking about and teaching what later became the “tripod” concept starting in the late 1990s. It wasn’t called a tripod then, but it was clear that these three areas greatly impacted a company’s success and longevity.

Who is Our CEO?

Diana Dibble, our CEO, is an award-winning entrepreneur.

One of Diana’s motivation for starting Tripod is she wants to make business operations palatable so business owners embrace it rather than put it on the backburner or ignore it completely.

Throughout her career, Diana has seen businesses who had solid growth and great reputations close not because of lack of revenue, but because they didn’t have a solid operational foundation. There were common issues shared by many of them such as: not having enough financing or cash flow to support their growth; couldn’t ramp up quickly enough for demand; mired in audits, lawsuits or tax issues; high employee turnover which caused customers to cancel contracts, etc.

Diana’s Story

Diana has real world experience showing that strong operations positively affects a company survival.

In 2021, Diana was diagnosed with two brain tumors and had surgery on one of them at the end of December 2021. Tripod had not been founded yet, but fortunately, she had spent two decades building her other company’s business operations processes and procedures so it was well prepared to continue operations while she was out recovering.

Diana was determined that something good should result from her medical challenges. Rather than keeping it quiet, she decided to share her story and experiences to help entrepreneurs and business owners understand the importance of creating contingency operations plans in advance of being faced with the “what if” from a chronic or serious illness diagnosis or if they have to function as a caregiver.

Diana’s goal is to bring increased awareness surrounding not only brain tumors, but chronic illnesses. Business owners facing these challenges are often stigmatized by industry so they stay silent about any health challenges they may be facing. This means that they may suffer alone, which impacts not only them, but also their business, employees, and customers.

Diana is also fundraising and researching grants for medical professionals who are pioneering new treatments and technologies in a variety of medical specialties.

Diana’s and Our Team’s Experience

Diana has worked for and with professional organizations since 1987, including large and small businesses in a variety of industries. However, she really loves working with small businesses. They are innovators, but often don’t have access to or knowledge of the resources they need for their company.

Diana started her first business in 1996 supporting government contractors. Diana co-founded Design To Delivery Inc (D2DInc) in 2001 with her business partner, Molly Gimmel, and they grew D2DInc into a multi-million dollar firm.

Teaming Partner Experience

Diana believes that engagements have to be tailored to the specific needs of our clients. There is no “one size fits all” approach. We partner with attorneys, accountants, bankers and insurance brokers, as well as industry specific partners such as IT firms, HRIS providers, payroll companies, software developers, recruiters, etc.

We believe that having established partnerships means that we can be responsive to client needs that may arise with short-turnarounds or niche requirements. We have personal relationships, some decades long, with our partners and trust them to deliver high caliber services.


Diana has real world experience showing that strong operations positively affects a company.

Awards don’t replace knowledge, experience, and expertise. However, Diana has received numerous awards and recognition from her peers and industry.

Tripod has not received any awards (yet) as the company was founded in August 2022. The list below is a sampling of the industry awards that Diana has received during her career:

  • NAWBO 2022 Woman Business Owner of the Year Top 3 Finalist (August 2022)
  • NAWBO 2022 Woman Business Owner of the Year Top 10 Class (July 2022)
  • Patriot Award – Office of Secretary of Defense Employer (June 2021)
  • Support of the Guard & Reserve (June 2021)
  • Enterprising Woman of the Year 2020 Award Winner – Enterprising Women Magazine (January 2020)
  • INC 5000 – D2DInc (2017)
  • INC 5000 – D2DInc (2016)
  • #32 on WPO list 50 Fastest growing WBOs – D2DInc (April 2016)
  • INC 5000 – D2DInc (2015)
  • INC 5000 – D2DInc (2014)
  • Minority Business Exchange APEX Award Business of the Month (April 2012)

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